Waaaaaaayyyyyy back in 2006, just shortly after dinosaurs roamed the earth, at the incessant prodding and pleading of a sweet friend, I started a blog on this fairly new and sparsely populated site called “HomeschoolBlogger”. I had no clue what a “blog” was and at the time we simply described it as “an online journal”. I can clearly remember the quizzical looks on people’s faces as I tried to explain what it was I was doing. And when they would ask “Why?” I would simply respond, “I don’t know.” I can also remember the way people who heard the words “blog”, “blogger”, and “blogging” for the first time would try to wrap their tongues around the pronunciation of it. It was so foreign, even I laughed at the sound coming out of my mouth!

My, oh my, how times have CHANGED!

Over the last DECADE or so my blog has had a lot of changes. It started out as a homeschool mom blog which I titled, “A Christian Home” (after one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE hymns). From there I added a second blog on blogger to have a place to share my knitting called, “theblondeknitter” (I’m blonde and I knit, what can I say? 😉 ). Shortly after that, this whole “blogging” thing was catching on and HomeschoolBlogger was bursting at the seams so it changed it’s server/hosting stuff to blogger (I think?). At the time, that same sweet friend and I hopped on over to WordPress and in the process of switching over, “I’ll Take Tea” was born. I migrated all of my previous content to the WordPress account, bought my own domain, and became a serious blogger superstar! Well, at least the serious blogger part is true. 😉

Over the years, God has used blogging to seriously change my life, from the inside out. It’s been one of the main catalysts He has used to bring me healing, clarity, conviction, and even the courage to share about myself on what I look at as a super scary public platform. I overloaded more than once and stepped back a bit, from being a frequent blogger.

Somehow I made it to 2016, and another new chapter in my writing journey has begun. I bought a new domain and started a new blog. A new, fresh, clean slate. As excited as I am about it, I didn’t want to lose all that I had poured out over the last 10 years, thus, “The I’ll Take Tea Archives” was born. Every post I have ever painstakingly and lovingly created, all in one spot. You can use the handy-dandy navigation menus located on the sidebar to pick a date or a category for your browsing convenience.

I hope you enjoy getting to know me (maybe again?), and taking a look at the road I’ve traveled to get to where I am now. I appreciate your feedback, so I’ve left the comments open for you to share your thoughts upon glimpsing into my past.

I truly appreciate you, and I look forward to our paths crossing in this wild, adventurous life we’ve been blessed to live!

And as always…

Soli Deo Gloria,

Traci xoxo